Saturday, September 23, 2006

Catch the end of September gravy-train

One simple way to earn some Inkles is to play off the calendar. Many markets end during this great month of September. Here is a listing of some of those markets and some of my picks:

Market: Apple rumors (The next generation)
Stock: (to short) Apple iphone in September
Risk: Zilch

Short this stock! As someone who constantly watches what new Apple products will come out (from sites such as,, and, I can assuredly tell you that there will not be an iPhone anytime soon, let alone in September. Short this stock as much as you can. Take some Inkles from the morons who would bet $20 on an iPhone anouncement.

Market: Gold vs. Oil Outperformance Market
Stock: Gold vs. Oil
Risk: not sure

To be honest, this is a market I have not been following. However says that as of 9/22/06, gold costs $595.40 per ounce while oil costs $60.55 per barrel. The refernce prices on the Inkling markets are $650.30 for gold and $71.12 for oil. That's a 9.2% drop for gold versus a 17.4% drop for oil. With those numbers, a bet on gold doesn't seem so bad.

Market: "Jackass #2" vs "All the King's Men"
Stock: Jackass #2
Risk: Depends on how much credit you give predictive markets

According to the much more popular predictive market, Hollywood Stock Exchange, Jacksass #2 is trading at around 66 HSX dollars while All the King's Men is trading at a much lower 19 HSX dollars. I would trust this market especially with such a high margin on that. Right now, on Inkling, Jackass #2 is at around 75 Inkles. That should amount to more than a 33% rate of return. But buy now as this market ends September 26.

I've mentioned this market before, so I'll just point you to it: Apple vs. Google.


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