Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apple vs. Google

I have an inkling about this one. If all goes right this should be some easy money. . . I mean Inkles.

Market: Apple v Google Outperformance Market
Stock: Apple Outperforms Google
Risk: low/medium

This market asks the question, which will perform better, Apple or Google? Performance is defined as percent increase in share price as of 5/26/05. Here is a chart comparing Google's and Apple's share price percent change. Apple only needs to hold its lead on Google until September 30. That's only 11 more trading days. Right now, Apple Outperforms Google is trading at around 73 Inkles. If Apple does hold its lead, you'll get a 37% rate of return for 11 days of investment. Now the stock market is trickier (at least for me) to predict than other events (ie, sports, technology etc). So you may not want to dump all of your Inkles on this one. Try not to go higher than 50% of your Inkles available.


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